Tuesday, October 26, 2021



  • Havilah Lilly, Commissioner 
  • Holly Darby, Commissioner Chair
  • Tom Muniz, Commissioner
  • , Commissioner
  • Jeff Sloan, Commissioner
  • Mark Reichert, Commissioner
  • Andrew Trevino, Commissioner


  • Judy Nealy, Peakview Trails Apartments
  • Judy Arguello, Bookkeeper
  • Yvonne Benavides, Tax Credit Manager
  • Colleen Brigham, Greeley Section 8
  • Anita Rivers, Accountant
  • Benny Hernandez, Peakview Trails Apartments
  • Jeff Michnewicz,  Weld County Section 8
  • Tammy Hernandez,  Inspector
  • Jody Poe, Receptionist/Waiting list Coordinator

  • Anna Aldava-Chavez, Public Housing Manager

  • Linda Scott, Assistant Director
  • Tom Teixeria, Executive Director


We are not seeing clients at this time.  You can call your technician, put paper work through the door or mail any changes in.  Rent needs to be mailed or put through the door and we will send you a receipt in the mail.

903 6th Street
Greeley, CO 80632

Phone: 970-353-7437
TTY: 800-659-2656
Fax: 970-353-7463